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Key Things To Have At Every Wedding!

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Planning a wedding and overwhelmed with what to plan? Take a breath and don’t stress: we have the key things that will make your break your wedding, so planning ahead for them is going to lessen the load!  The Perfect Set Of Flowers  You wouldn’t think flowers are important for the wedding, but they can make a massive difference to the outlay of the party. Choosing the right colours and combinations can go a long way to making the room magical in every way possible. Take your time and make sure that you are able to get the flowers you want to...

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Things to Plan when you have Guests Coming for your Wedding from a different locality

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If there is any event that makes the people in your life rejoice and be a part of happily, then it has to be a wedding. It becomes more overwhelming when it is your wedding and there are guests coming from all over the world. With people coming to bless you and witness the big day, you have your set of responsibilities to be fulfilled. Coming from far off places, no one likes to be unattended or attended clumsily. When you have invited them, you ought to treat them well and give them that attention they deserve. There are small things that...

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Ways to Stay Relaxed in front of the Camera on Your Big Day

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Does the thought of camera and lights make you nervous? But if your big day is approaching, you should be expecting a huge source of light stress on you. But there should be a way to look relaxed and not feel super anxious, look collected when the flash fires? Might sound easier said than done, but yes, the tips your getting today are from the experts who stay behind the camera at Let’s Celebrate Events. They sure know what they’re talking about and how you can pull it off. Develop an Understanding with Your Photographer – Although in person...

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Some cool speed dating tips

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Speed dating is one of the most popular ways to meet new people and sometimes it will be a great opportunity for you to meet your future soulmate. But it might seem problematic to many men and women everywhere. Speed dating only takes a few minutes. So the main problem many face is that they fail to set themselves apart from the other daters which will not be unique. Many feel it difficult and will set out the wrong impression due to the pressure. The daters will ask stupid questions which will annoy the other person and the night will be...

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How to create a glamorous wedding – Extension Styles

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For every woman, her Wedding Day is the most important occasion. Every woman dreams of looking the best on her wedding day. From clothing, jewellery, make up to hairstyle, everything is taken care of. If you are a bride to be, Austin Story Book Weddings is the perfect blog for you. The blog has numerous articles and video posts from expert stylists that can help you look your best on your wedding day. In the video, hair expert Balmain shows how hair extensions can be used for a completely new look. Watch the video if you plan to experiment...

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How To Arrange Wedding Flowers

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Times change, and so do trends. Weddings, and other parties and events, are not only integral parts of culture, coloring it in a special way, but they showcase many things about the time and culture they belong to – dresses, make-up and accessories people wear, the hairdos, the décor, music, food and the like. And who doesn’t want to stay fashionable and express their creativity with trends at such a gathering! At Austin Storybook Weddings, you can watch the videos we share, and the write-ups we provide, and inspire your ideas with the...

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Metal Sculpture Artist

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The wedding day is the most important day for most people. Most of us would wish to have that fairy tale kind of a wedding where everything is beautifully decorated and perfectly in place. If you have such aspirations, Austin Story Book Weddings is the perfect stop for you. The blog gives you innumerable wedding decoration and theme ideas to choose from. The various videos and articles can help you plan the perfect setting for your D-day. From contemporary to out of the box decoration ideas, you can get it all here. Scroll the pages to find...

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Special Wedding Day Preview

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Many preparations go hand-in-hand to ensure that wedding days turn out to be perfect. There are dresses to be worn, gifts to be bought, arrangements to be made and blessings to be received. All of these come together on the wedding day. Of course, each couple has its own story, which is brought forward in a unique way at every wedding. One can see the makings of such a story in this video. The wedding takes place in a Baptist church, and special dresses are also visible here. It is lovely to see how every person attempts to look his or her...

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Corporate Event Management Tips

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Corporate events are arguably some of the most important occasions in an organisation since they provide the ideal platform to showcase what the organisation has to offer. However, the success of the corporate event will largely be determined by the corporate event management tips that have been embraced by the event organisers. More to that, the event management techniques to be adopted will also be influenced by the size of the event. Normally, small events can be managed by the organisation’s staff whereas the management of bigger...

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Top 3 Reasons You Should Hire A Limousine Airport Transfer

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There are many people who become stranded once they land in any airport around the world. This mainly happens to people who have no information or details of where they are headed. It can get even more complicated if one does not know the language that the country or airport they are. As such making arrangements about how you will reach your destination is always important. The best way is usually to hire an agency or company that offer private car hire services in Melbourne. They are usually the best way to avoid instances where you get late...

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